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Who we are

Sino Eagle is a dynamic international trading company that specializes in facilitating trade between Far East Asian countries, including China, India, Vietnam, and Taiwan to Southern African nations. Since Sino Eagles establishment in 2012, we have become a trusted partner for businesses in these regions, enabling smooth and efficient trading of commodities across various sectors

Our Industries

Renewable Energy Solutions

Sino Eagle is a trusted supplier of solar-related products, catering to the growing demand for renewable energy solutions. The company sources high-quality solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other associated components, offering cost-effective and sustainable solutions to its customers.

Agricultural Products

Sino Eagle facilitates the trade of a wide range of agricultural commodities, serving as a reliable link between producers and consumers. The company deals in Lucerne hay, an important animal feed, as well as Pecan nuts and Cotton, which find applications in various industries. 


Sino Eagle also specializes in the trade of textiles, including fabrics and finished products.  The company carefully considers the materials and work with our production partners to reduce waste, maximize natural resource use and remove harmful chemicals.



Sino Eagle only serve the highest quality pecans that are sought after around the world. 

Carefully selected and packaged by both type and size of the fruit into the bags, made easy for transportation. High in healthy unsaturated fat and just a handful a day can lower “bad” cholesterol. They contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy plant-based fats. Nutritional experts agree that pecans have a high nutritional value and have been called “superfood”! 


Commodity Trading

Sino Eagle is at the forefront of the mineral trading industry, emerging as a dynamic and influential player in the global market. Specializing in the export of premium minerals, rapidly evolving into a key supplier for industries worldwide.

Our primary exports include Chrome ore ROM, manganese ore, and vanadium magnetite, as well as Chrome concentrate.